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Our Team

Deliver only hire the top 10% of program and project delivery professionals through a rigorous recruitment process and we ensure that they adhere to our proven values and practices that deliver successful projects for our clients.
Once our delivery professionals are embedded into our clients organisations, we  maintain regular checkpoints with both them and our cleint to ensure the optimal level of value is being provided.
Deliver have a vast network of delivery experts to collaborate, debate and ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients projects. We refer to this network as the Deliver Bench. More information can be found on our key founding members below.
The Bench
The Bench
Dale Gilbert
Delivery Consultant
John Smith 
Programme Director
John Smith 
Programme Director
Peter Evans
Senior Advisor
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With almost 15 years working in the IT industry and over a decade of this with a delivery focus for some of the largest enterprises in UK and Australia Dale understands how to

"Just Deliver".

During Dale's career he observed that the majority of Project Managers understand the core concepts of the trade, carry out their role to the book but forget one thing, the reason they are there, to drive outcomes for their employer / customer, through whatever means necessary.  There is generally a reluctance to step outside of defined process or beyond role responsibilities which prevents projects from achieving their true potential. 

Dale decided to establish Deliver with a simple vision, to simplify project management and consiously ensure each strategy, decison, or action moves their customers towards their outcome. Preventing scope slip, unecessary arduous processes and by eliminating dead weight. 

Having managed many multi-million pound projects across Finance, Retail and Manufactoring Dale has experienced delivering in various cultures and understands the importance of being flexible in both approach and when navigating differing organisation politics.

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